29. My Best Girl – Lucero

Here at Threehundredsongs, we’re a big fan of Memphis, Tennessee’s Lucero, so you’ll probably hear a great deal more from them in these pages. Lucero’s first single was 1999’s My Best Girl, released as a very limited-numbers 7″ vinyl recording, backed with a cover of Jawbreaker’s Kiss the Bottle.

The song starts off in typically melancholy Lucero mood:

Well I’m a sucker for some pretty eyes
But they’re going home with some other boy tonight

We’ve all been there, mate. Chin up fella.

Hell, I guess I’ll be fine
’cause there’s one girl whose all mine
She’s seen it before, she’ll see it again
Because those other girls going home with him
And I’ll go back to her and she don’t mind

She’s my best girl by far

Aww, that’s kind of sweet, isn’t it. Told you it would all work out OK.

She’s got six strings

Wait, what? Ah, yes. This is a paean to the timeless love between a man and an inanimate object. Songwriter Ben Nichols clearly has his prorities in order:

The only girl a boy can trust
Is his guitar

Trustworthy, reliable, won’t let him down etc. Dude clearly doesn’t own a Gretsch, am I right, guitar nerds? [Disclaimer: Threehundredsongs owns a Gretsch]

An album release followed in 2000, with The Attic Tapes. I’d say studio album but then it was quite literally recorded in an attic. A mere 13 or so albums have followed, culminating in 2023’s Should’ve Learned By Now, while My Best Girl resurfaced on 2003’s eponymous Lucero. There’s a lot of good stuff in that back catalogue, so do spend some time discovering the band.

As for the playlist, I’ve mainly added a bunch of Lucero songs that I think you’ll like. I can’t find many more love songs about guitars, but then I think I’d feel pretty weird about posting them anyway.

Artist: Lucero
Album: Lucero
Writer: Ben Nichols
Producer: Lucero
Released: 7″ vinyl: 1999; Landmark Records

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