3. No Love – The Get Up Kids

Soundtrack for the evening… The Get Up Kids’ debut Four Minute Mile was made on a tiny budget. Teenage drummer Ryan Pope even had to be signed out of school by his mum to make it to the recording session.

Album cover of Four Minute Mile, by The Get Up Kids

Is this album the foundation of emo? Rites of Spring might argue. After a night blasting this, my neighbours may argue too. But we’re not arguing here, we’re loving.

Which is the song? Better Half is the emotional killer, and sign of what was to come for TGUK. The song about Amy (Don’t Hate Me, and damn, I still love you Amy) bruises me. No Love is the redemption.

Which is the lyric?

I can’t put my hands all over you, but think of what the two of us could do

Or maybe the crux of the matter is:

I don’t want you to love me any more

Kind of gets a dude off the hook, doesn’t it?

Artist: The Get Up Kids
Album: Four Minute Mile
Producer: Bob Weston
Released: 2001, Doghouse Records

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