5. Call Your Own – Amandla

Soundtrack for the evening (yes, I know it’s morning) is Amandla’s Falling Alone.

Personal because Claude Coleman Jr. was a close friend, absolute gentleman, and legendary drummer.

And also shit at table football. You’d think a professional drummer would have hand-eye co-ordination, but you would be sadly, sadly mistaken.

Claude is the drummer in Ween, and later Eagles of Death Metal, whilst being kind of hot at graphic design, which is how I met him. He’s kind of hot anyway.

Which is the song?

I’ll go with Call Your Own. A simple love song to an unborn infant.

And I’ll leave you with my memory of Claude walking into the office in Kentish Town where we worked, which was the Jewish News, and what was then totallyjewish dot com. Dude strutted in, surveyed the room full of writers and misfits and said quite loudly, in his upstate New York drawl: “Damn! Jewish women got it goin’ on!”

You ain’t wrong Claude. But only he could get away with that.

Artist: Amandla
Album: Falling Alone
Producer: Claude Coleman Jr.
Released: 2001, Sounds of Black Sheep

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