17. Banana Chips – Shonen Knife

Songwriters have a lot of very serious, heartfelt decisions to make. You could write a song detailing the brutal angst and misery of existence, whilst finding redemption in love and the shared human experience. Or you could write a song about banana chips:

Banana chips, banana chips
Banana chips, banana chips
Banana chips, banana chips
Banana chips, oh yeah!

Banana chips for you!
Banana chips for me!
In the afternoon, banana chips and tea

Whilst the lyrics may seem ambiguous in their subtlety, I’m fairly sure Shonen Knife’s Naoko Yamano may have opted for the latter here.

And why not. It’s difficult to watch Shonen Knife without grinning like an idiot. The band have spent decades bringing nothing but joy and happiness and loud music to the world. And here at Threehundredsongs, we fully approve of that sort of thing.

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Artist: Shonen Knife
Album: Happy Hour
Writer: Naoko Yamano
Producer: Unknown
Released: 1998; Big Deal

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