16. My Body – Eliza Shaddad

Memories of being fortunate enough to see Eliza Shaddad live at the Mental Wealth festival in 2017.

An inspiring day out. A day of love and kindness, confusion, collusion and conspiration, topped off with a beautiful live music show involving Eliza, Ralegh Long, Anna Pancaldi, and the utterly fabulous Douglas Dare.

Eliza didn’t play this song that evening….

…because it hadn’t been written yet. But the passion and love and intimacy and heat and honesty she shares with you are palpable. You’ll hear a great deal more from Eliza in these pages.

Artist: Eliza Shaddad
Album: Future
Writer: Eliza Shaddad
Producer: Eliza Shaddad; Andrew Bond
Released: 2018; Beatnik Creative

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